Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu plan week of 11-1-2010

I always feel like the first day of November really kicks off the holiday season. I know it’s not official or anything, but I already feel the pressure of the holidays beginning. I don’t care for that feeling.

Mostly because I currently feel like everything around here is very chaotic. Doing homeschool has left me with very little time to do some of the things that need to be done around here. I just haven’t found a rhythm yet and it shows. It feels very difficult to get everything accomplished.  

Simply going grocery shopping seems like a challenge. I used to always make out my menu and go shopping while Josiah was at preschool on Monday morning, but that doesn’t really work any more. We try to complete as much schoolwork while Josiah is at school as we can {for obvious reasons} so we can’t go shopping. This is messin’ me all up and our meals are suffering.

Not that we don’t eat….obviously, we do. It’s just not as organized as it once was and it is driving me batty. So, here I am trying to get organized and the best way for me to do that is to post my menu.  Without it my family might not eat. 

Monday~ Chicken, swiss and stuffing casserole, corn and salad

Tuesday~Meatball sandwiches and salad

Wednesday~ Dinner at church – I’ll be taking the Great Pumpkin Dessert {recipe coming tomorrow} and a one pan fudge cake 

Thursday~ Chicken stroganoff , green beans and fruit

Friday~ Going to a youth group event {looking forward to this}

Saturday~ Pizza

Sunday~ Cranberry pork roast, homemade applesauce and salad

Does anyone else feel completely chaotic and stressed at the mere thought of the holidays looming around the corner?

If you homeschool, how on earth do you get it all done {and maintain your sanity}?


  1. I always feel the start of the holiday season is after Halloween...but I get excited about it! I definitely don't have as much going on as you do though! Just take it a day at a time, come to grips with the fact that you are not superwoman, and know that the rhythm will come sooner or later! :-)

  2. I always start to stress about now too. I think we women put a lot of it on ourselves. But it's how we are made...I can't change it. Don't know if I would even if I could. I do not homeschool but do work FT and often have to help my children with their homework, feed them, and get to whatever sport they are into. It is a lot and although I often get overwhelmed...I know it's worth it. Esp since my oldest is turning 13 this seems time FLIES!!! One day at a time, girl...that's all you can do. Planning does seem to help and I try to do my weekly menu by Saturday and shop on Sunday. Blogs have helped me try new things and get honest 'real' options!!
    You are doing a great job!!!! No worries!

  3. Nope.. I don't get it all done... home schoolin and a puppyDOG have rocked my world into messy chaos... lucky to serve a few good meals a week! never mind my hubby coaching soccer... rocks my world even more... Oh my messy house! but the reward is.. listening to my son read!! and write... and finally figure out math!! =)

    this is my first year blogging... during the holidays... all the while sporting a messy house whilst I home school and chase the darn dog into next week!! =)

    sorry.. this did not make you feel better did it? *ahem* Menu planning has helped me .. and I am flexible when it doesn't always work out! ;)

    I need to visit you more! ;) if you will still have me after this silly long comment!

  4. I love seeing other people's menu ideas! Thanks. I think we wouldn't feel so stressed out if it weren't for all the stores shoving us from one holiday into the next, all vying for that scarce American dollar.

    Hope tomorrow's less stressful. :-)

  5. Having a 'plan' (menu planning) REALLY helps me out! My kids are grown now, but I still find meal planning just helps me all the way around each week. One grocery trip, no thinking all day about whats for dinner and it saves me time and money.
    As far as the holidays. I got freaked out when a co-worker said this morning, "it's only 53 days til Christmas". YIKES!


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