Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Triangle make-up bag

For a while now I’ve been wanting to make a new make-up bag for my self so when my friend Shannon asked if I could make her a box style one I said “sure”. {Sometimes I just need a little motivation to get started.} So I made her a box bag and I thought it was cute as can be, but I wasn’t in love with the functionality of it. She likes it though so I guess it’s all good.

After I made her bag I immediately went to work on coming up with a new design and I think I really dig it. 

It’s a straight sided triangle bag.

I started out making a small one, which is perfect for my purse, or it would be great for make-up brushes. Then I decided to make one that was a bit bigger. It is about 10” long  3.5” tall and  3” wide at the base. I still want to make a bigger one that’s just a bit taller and maybe a little shorter.

My favorite thing about them, besides the cute shape, is how wide they open up when you unzip them. Plenty of room to see what you want and the wide base {and good interfacing} helps it to stand up while you dig around in there.

I’m pretty happy with them. Once I get the size perfected I’ll be adding some to my Etsy shop.

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  1. What a fun design! I love the triangle bottom. Well done.

  2. Wow, great job - I love the design, I am glad you friend prompted you to make it

  3. I love the fabrics you used, and I love the bags. Any way you could do a tutorial for these???

  4. Beautiful Alisa! What a great gift. What woman couldn't use a beautiful little make-up bag?!

  5. ♫♪Cuz it's the Sweet Life♪♫ I want to sing this everytime I see your blog...hehehehe-I really like this-it is so nice!!!


    I have a giveaway on my blog if you are interested....

  6. Love these! What material is this? Can you remember the brand?

  7. Thanks ladies for all of your sweet comments!

    Sandy~ I thinking about doing one once I get all the kinks worked out so check back. I'm glad you like it!

    Di~ I bought this material at Hobby Lobby the other day. It was brand new and I really ♥ the colors. It's made by Brother Sister Design Studio. I think you can only get it at HL.

  8. Te pouch is great Alisa... and its very useful too, I must go one for me . and your Mix and Match prints are fabalous ...
    I would love if you pay a visit to me

  9. What an nice gift for a friend. When I make gifts for friends I often want to keep them for myself.

  10. Alisa - it's adorable! You have succeeded once again!

  11. This is absolutely perfect. You sew like a pro ;).

  12. I LOVE mine BTW, it's absolutely perfect in every way. It's extra special since it's designed by you :)

  13. Very pretty, I love the fabrics you chose for this project!

  14. Love it! And such cute fabric. Will watch for it in your shop!!


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