Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A beautiful day

Did you think I had simply disappeared?
Well, no such luck.
Simply busy with life. 

In the last week we have had freezing temps and 90° weather. We have seen snow, crazy wind, rain storms, and tons of hail {more than I have ever seen in one storm….ever} It has been a crazy start to spring to say the least.

But yesterday,
yesterday was a beautiful day.
Everything was dry and the wind was wippy but not too bad.
68° and perfect.

IMG_3017So we stopped by the park on the way to run some errands. We enjoyed the blooming trees.

IMG_2996The boys had fun playing with our old fashioned toys. I don’t know what you call these other than sticks and rings, but they are lots of fun. Note Josiah’s face as proof.

IMG_2998You basically use the sticks to launch your ring into the air and then catch it with your sticks again. You can play by yourself or as a group.  It was so sunny that it was hard to see the ring once it was launched.  I’m not complaining though.

IMG_2999Josiah decided the other day {when it was raining} that he was ready to do the zip line  All. By. Himself.  He is so so timid in large motor activities, but he did it and was so proud of himself.

IMG_3001Love the concentration on his face.

IMG_3003The boys loved finding these huge acorn tops.  I love those sweet little hands.

It was a beautiful day!


Keep your face always toward the sunshine
and shadows will fall behind you. ~
Walt Whitman



  1. It was a beautiful day! Looks like you guys enjoyed your time outside. It's been a crazy spring so far, huh?! We had golf ball size hail the other day that did some minor damage to our house. Some of our neighbors' windows were completely shattered. It was a crazy storm!

  2. What beautiful photos Alisa! It looks like you and your boys had a wonderful day outside.

  3. Nathan said "thank you" for posting pictures of his buddy. Both of the boys were excited to see their friends. You sure do take beautiful pictures! I'm I am with most of the things you do. :o)


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