Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nearly good as new

I'm feeling nearly back to normal with only a twinge of stomach ickyness occasionally. Don't worry I won't be going anywhere tomorrow to infect anyone because despite my hubby working on the van all weekend, it is not yet put back together. I do see freedom in my future though....very soon. It has to be fixed by Tuesday so I can go buy food for Wednesday night dinner at church, unless of course someone signed else up and I just don't know about it since I wasn't there today. It's highly unlikely that someone signed up without being asked, so I figure I am probably cooking...yeah. Well, since I fell ill...sounds dramatic, doesn't it?.. I was able to completely escape my meal making responsibilities for the weekend. Therefore, I have a couple things to move forward from last week. Here's how it looks: 

Monday: Chicken with stuffing, corn and salad 

Tuesday: Taco soup and salad  

Wednesday: I have no earthy idea yet, but enough for 80 people....and dessert  

Thursday: Chicken satay with peanut sauce, jasmine rice and sugar snap peas  

Friday: Brisket, rolls, brown sugar carrots & salad  

Saturday: Ravioli lasagna (first time..I'll let ya know if it's a keeper), bread and salad  

Sunday: Lunch - Cheesy Potato soup, bread & salad Dinner- leftovers  

Also in the works this week: Bulk baking: Blueberry pancakes Bacon egg and cheese biscuit cups Just for fun: Mudballs 

Visit Org. Junkie for hundreds of menu planning ideas.


  1. Double check, because I think Kim signed up for the meal this week. Unless, I have my weeks off again, which is always a possibility. :-)

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better. I missed you yesterday. It's insane just how many people are sick with this flu. So far Brennan's the only one in our family that had it. Only by God's grace and mercy did the rest of us escape it. As you can imagine I'm full of thankfulness NOT to have been sick at this stage. If you've ever wondered, "would people noticed if I were gone?" The answer is YES. Several wondered where you were and how you were. You are LOVED.

  3. We have a ravioli lasagna recipe we love, especially my boys! :)


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