Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 8/31

I have been such a slacker so busy lately that I just haven't had much time to blog, so to the two of you who actually read on a regular basis....I apologize for your constant refreshing of the screen to find nada, nothing, zilch in the new post realm.

I do have my menu ready for the week. I have a couple things that carried over from last week's menu since I made other things. It looks a little something like this:

Monday: Creamy chicken casserole, salad, bananas and mandarin oranges

Tuesday: Country fried steak w/ mashed potatoes and corn 

Wednesday: Dinner @ church, I'll be taking these Cream cheese bars and a yummy Oatmeal cake (just realized I have never posted this recipe ....gasp! I think it's possibly one of the best things you can do with some oats so I will post it soon)

Thursday: Amy's grilled chicken, Parmesan noodles, broccoli & Peasant bread

Friday: Meatball sandwiches, salad and green beans

Saturday: Oklahoma Joe's for lunch w/ friends, maybe some skillet enchiladas for dinner

Sunday: Probably go out for lunch and the boys are going to the Royals game for the evening so I'm really hoping I can get away without have a break from cooking for the entire day :)

Other random things going on around here:

  • Cynthia over at An Accomplished Woman offered to make me a purse in exchange for a lovely little pin cushion like this. I told her I thought she was getting the short end of the stick, but I'd be happy to do it anyway. I've been working on the pincushion and a little something else to go with it.....I'll show you when I'm done. 
  • I picked out the tile I wanted for my bathroom and I went back to buy a couple cases of it. It had gone on clearance in the mean time so score!! Even cheaper than anticipated! My hubby came home early from work on Friday to get started laying it and we figured out that the 2 cases of tile were slightly different in color with a pinkish hue to them...I do not like them, I do not like them at all!  And of course clearance sale = all gone. So, after much searching, I finally found another one that will fit the color and budget needs all in one. yeah! 
  • I'm super excited our dear friends that moved away last February are coming back for a visit this weekend and will be staying with us. I can't wait to see them and catch up! 
  • Josiah starts Pre-School next week and honestly, I can't believe he is already 4 years old. I'm pretty sure I just brought him home from the hospital last year. Britt will be off to college in 3 years, Corban will be in Jr. High in 2 years......Stop the madness!!!!!!!! I'd like some sort of magical pause button please.

  • My Mother-in-law called Saturday to tell me she signed me up for a craft fair they are having in December. I better get busy making some stuff. I think I will do some Uppercase Living items as well as some aprons, bags, framed chalkboards. My little seamstress will help out too. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head. I've been wanting to start an etsy shop for some time now, I'm just not very good at getting things going without some sort of a deadline looming in front of me. I'm just fine if someone else is relying on me to do something, but if it is just something I want to do than this pretty much sums it up for me 

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  1. I'm off to look at a couple of your recipes, but I wanted to tell you that I am SO with you on that cartoon! That's why I'm here instead of tackling my to-do list. :)


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