Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend goings on and my Menu Plan - Week of 11/30/09

I know we just had Thanksgiving and all, but it still doesn't seem possible that it will be December on Tuesday

Anybody else feelin' the same way??

Just seems a wee bit too close for comfort. 

Is this a sign I'm getting old? {uh, never mind....don't answer that}

Moving on to better subjects. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my hubby's side of the family. In particular, his mom. She is quite the hostess and puts out a delicious spread for the big dinner. This was probably the last Thanksgiving we will spend in her small little town so it was a little bitter sweet. She is officially quitting her city council position {not really quitting, just not running for office again} and heading to the big city {nearer to us} next summer or as soon as she can get her stuff together, find a place to live and sell her house. The selling part shouldn't be a problem since she already has a lady that wants to buy it. We are really looking forward to her being much closer to us.

While we were at her house the boys enjoyed shooting the pellet gun, cracking walnuts, helping get out grandma's Christmas decorations and just general boy things. If a boy has a gun he can shoot targets with or a hammer he can whap stuff with, he is generally pretty happy. This weekend was no exception!

Brittney and I took in the craziness of Black Friday with a 3:45am trip to the local Walmart. Crazy.....but worth it since I managed to get pretty much everything I wanted. Thank goodness I took Britt with me or I would have been stuck in the line for the Nintendo DS and not gotten anything else on my list. Britt scoured the store for all the smaller items that I needed and snagged everyone of them at the 5am bell. She's young, skinny and wiry so she must have moved pretty fast in order to grab about 6 things in the time it took me to make it to the front of the line I was in. I don't normally go for the Black Friday madness, but it was well worth the savings. People were pretty civil to one another and we were back home in bed by 6:20am. 

I am really gonna be busy this week putting together a few more items for my craft sale on Saturday. I sure hope it is worth it! I have visions of it being a total bust....I'm really praying all my work will not be for nothing. 

In lo of a very busy week we will be dining on some fabulous {read: super easy} fare this week.

Monday: Sloppy Joe's, cheesy corn and oranges

Wednesday: Dinner at church and I'll be taking Glazed apple bars for dessert

Thursday: Gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup

Friday: I'll be gone so the hubby will decide

Saturday: Pizza {does it get easier??}

Sunday: Spaghetti and Meatballs in the crock-pot

What are you cooking this week?? Head on over to orgjunkie for more menu ideas.

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  1. Morning Alisa,
    So glad you all had such a nice
    Thanksgiving. Boy, you were brave to go shopping at the Walmart sale so early in the morning, glad you got everything you were looking for, that is great! These children come in handy don't they! lol
    As far as what I am cooking this week, I have no clue! I think I might have beef for Beef stew I am hoping anyway!! lol
    That is neat your Mother-in-law is coming to leave nearby and even neater that you are excited about it. Sometimes that is just not the case!! lol
    You have a great week ahead,
    Blessings, Nellie


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