Thursday, October 14, 2010

Misc. Randomness {is that redundant?}

I seem to have nothing major to share this week, but I have lots of random thoughts so here goes:

I got a sweet new ride last weekend, new to us anyways.
It’s shiny and blue and still a minivan, but I’m ok with that.
It’s been 5 days and it still smells new…that won’t last long.

I’ve been making a bunch of these cute little bags to put in my shop.
Hopefully I’ll have them up tomorrow. I've added a little pleated ruffle, shortened them and made them a tad taller. love them.

Have I ever told you what an awesome husband I have?
I do. He’s the best!

My friend Christy brought me the Mystery of History to church last night and I’m very excited to get started with it. It combines biblical and secular history together and is great for a wide age range so Josiah can work along with us.
Thanks Christy!

I’ll be hangin’ with these guys tonight {and some teenage girls :)} 
can’t wait.

I think this ministry is amazing…..check it out.


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