Monday, September 28, 2009

Menu plan - Week of 9/28

Just thought I'd jot down my menu real quick before I get back to cleaning the house and sewing. I find if I don't post it, I'm really less likely to follow it.

No accountability Too much wiggle room makes me lazy and then we just end up eating the same thing over and over or worse, going out to eat and that really eats {pun totally intended} at our budget in a not so good kinda way. 

I know that my hubby and my daughter look here to see what we will be eating each night so it's kind of a let down if I don't come accountability is a big part of why I do it.

Here is what we will be eating this week:

Monday: Breakfast sandwiches and fruit and yogurt smoothies 

Tuesday: Chili and cornbread 

Wednesday: Dinner at church {something wonderful, I'm sure} I'll be taking some Cream Cheese Bars for dessert 

Thursday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn {maybe homemade rolls if I get my act together} 

Friday: Chicken Tortilla Pie {can't wait for this} and Spanish rice 

Saturday: Ham and cheese Paninis and Tomato soup {anybody have a good homemade tomato soup recipe?} 

Sunday: Lunch: Waffles with scrambled eggs and sausage Dinner: Leftovers

Check out orgjunkie for more menu inspiration. Even if you don't plan your menu there are always lots of meal ideas and recipes including lots of gluten-free ideas and other special diet issues.

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  1. I should make cornbread for my chili this week as well. Thanks for the idea :)


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