Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whew! {and my menu}

What a day! It started when I lost all my blog lists 3 times and had to replace them all 3 times. I had done NOTHING with my blog layout to cause this to happen, I hadn't even been on the computer yet when it happened the first time so I KNOW I didn't mess it up {which, admittedly.....does can happen}.

It took me until midnight last night to get EVERYTHING all straightened out, but it's done now. 

I can now focus on less  more monumentally important things :)

Like laundry....and dishes.....and cleaning........and playing with my 4 year old.

I kid of course.  I know that my blog layout is not of great importance, but let's face it....My 4 year old comes by his obsessive personality quite naturally.

If something is bugging me, I really can't just let it go.

It must be fixed!........and it is.

I did manage to look at my email yesterday and got a couple from you ladies wondering about my menu. I have one, I just didn't get it posted. So here it is for those who care and are somehow inspired by knowing what we will be eating this week.

Wednesday: Dinner at church I will be taking some cream cheese bars for dessert

Thursday: Sweet and spicy glazed pork tenderloin, 
Homemade applesauce, parmesan noodles

Friday: Sloppy Joes, veggies and dip and fruit

Saturday: Chicken fried rice & baked egg rolls

Sunday: French dip sandwiches, crinkle fries and fruit

So there it is.....that's what we will be eating this week. Pretty exciting, I know! I should probably have more chicken in there, but we are currently out of said chicken and I've already spent our grocery money for the week {except for milk} so It will just have to do.

Anybody else have problems with their layouts? Am I crazy for even caring? {probably}.... so don't answer that!


  1. I desperately want to have a wide screen blog template but have been struggling to find one I like and when I do I can't get it to transfer. I haven't given up entirely but I have become less eager to switch it up. I really like what you have so "Good Job!" I just want something that's mine. I'll figure it out eventually. I'm like you though, I can't leave it alone and I get all red faced and worried when I think people are checking my blog and it's all messed up or a picture is all weird. That's why I don't photobucket all my images. I can't take the stress of them not looking right immediately. I guess if we're two peas in a pod I don't mind being in your pod :)

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