Sunday, March 14, 2010

Menu plan - Week of 3/15/10

The beginning of our spring break has been good. 

The big kids and I went and worked at the soup kitchen yesterday. This was Corban's first time and he really enjoyed himself. 

He had gotten into a bit of trouble Friday night for wanting to pray for our meal just so he could do it really fast so he could eat. Josiah sometimes takes a little while to get it all out when he prays and Corban thought he would just take care of it. 

I'm glad Corban was so enthused about our meal, but he had a little talking to about it. I think after we served at the soup kitchen he realized that he actually has quite a bit to be thankful for, especially the abundance of food that we eat each day. And the roof over our heads.

I finally cooked last week for the first time in while. I've been cooking, just not very inspired cooking and nothing new to speak of. Well, we tried 2 new recipes and loved both of them. The Baked Pesto Chicken with angel hair pasta and the Chili Coke Roast were excellent and we will definitely be adding them to our list of favorite recipes. Here is what we will be having this week:

Monday: Terriyaki Chicken with Brown rice and Sugar Snap peas {we didn't end up having this last week}

Tuesday: Simple and Delicious spaghetti and meatballs {I generally make my own sauce, but thought I'd try this version for a's similar, but a little different}, salad & garlic bread

Wednesday: Dinner at church

Friday: Dinner at a friends

Saturday: Not quite sure...hopefully celebrating Corban's 10th birthday

Sunday:Cheeseburger Casserole, cheddar biscuits & green beans

What do you have cookin' this week? 

check out orgjunkie for more menu ideas

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