Monday, April 11, 2011

Got dirt? and menu plan for week of 4.11.11

Hello friends!
Did you have a good weekend?
We did! It was hot and steamy here, but good.
Oh, and it was too short.

Our neighbor recently excavated a bunch {a Big bunch} of dirt and grass in his backyard so he can put in a patio. We were in need of dirt to level out our yard so all the rain doesn’t pool in spots and take for–ev-er to dry out. A match made in backyard heaven.

They had dirt.
We needed dirt.

IMG_3210We got dirt.
A big ol' pile in the middle of our backyard.
After a couple hours of good hard labor {by the men of course},

I made my contribution and went to pick up pizza.
Everyone is happy. Our neighbor doesn’t have to haul off quite as much dirt. We got dirt we needed and everyone left with a full belly full of pizza. Happy indeed.
Now I just hope we can get it all spread out before it rains. 

On to more important things….what will I feed my family this week?

Monday~  Pizza on the grill {bbq chicken…yum}

Tuesday~ Mediterranean Chicken with salad and fruit

Wednesday~ Chicken spaghetti at church

Thursday~ Sweet sliders, fruit and cheesy corn

Friday~ Marinated grilled chicken, parmesan noodles and veggies

Saturday~ Ham and cheese au gratin, salad and mandarin oranges     

Sunday~ out for lunch and leftovers for dinner

What’s on your menu this week?


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