Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu plan week of 3.7.11

I need some new recipes.
I feel like I make the same 15 things over and over.
To me, that’s boring.
I realize others might find comfort in that, but not me.
I like to try new recipes.
I really like to read cookbooks.
You might remember
this post where I professed my love  obsession with cookbooks. Based on the comments, it sounded as if I was not alone.

Not too long ago I purged over half of those cookbooks, keeping only my favorites. It seems silly to keep books that I only use for 1 to 3 recipes. We just don’t have that much extra space around here so I got rid of them.
Instead, I like to go to the library and check out the ones that look interesting. Here are a few I have right now.


The top two are mine, but the rest are borrowed.
At first glance, I didn’t think I would find much in the Robin Rescues Dinner, but I sat down last night and found quite a few to try. There are tons of good old recipes in the Trisha Yearwood cookbook.
I got too tired last night to make it through the Don’t Panic one, but I love the first one so I’m sure there will be good stuff in there.

I’ve added a couple of new recipes to our menu this week. I’ll let you know if they were tasty or not.

Monday~ Chipotle BBQ chicken with macaroni and cheese and broccoli salad   

Tuesday~ Spaghetti with salad and garlic bread

Wednesday~ Indonesian dinner at church

Thursday~ Jerk pork chops with Caribbean rice {new}

Friday~ Plum marinated chicken with roasted carrots and baked potatoes with chipotle butter {new}

Saturday~ Potato soup, Peasant bread and salad

Sunday~ Chicken and Swiss Panini {new}

I am really looking forward to trying some new recipes.

So, do you like to switch it up with new things or does your family like to stick with the old tried and true recipes?



  1. Well i am living in dorm right now but come the end of april and i will be cooking up a storm! i love cooking and LOVE reading cook books... those are the only books i like to read.
    im so excited to no longer have to eat in a cafeteria

  2. I sound like you in that I love to read cookbooks too! I literally have about 50 of them and I do use them! The Kraft website has some good ones too and Your new ones sound good. I make new stuff at least 2 times per week.
    Enjoy the library books!!! That's a great way to try before you buy too!

  3. I totally use Don't Panic Dinners In the Freezer and More Dinners in the Freezer. I started using those books nine months ago and its totally changed our cooking life!!! Seriously! THE BEST!

  4. hey, there! found you via "faith blogs"!

    i'm just starting out with meal planning (don't know what took me so long) and i love my recipes - big 'pampered chef' cookbook fan - but it would be nice to add a few new dishes to the line up! i never thought about cookbooks from the library......that might just work given that the library is right next door and i can just photocopy the ones i like ;-) thank you!


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